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Blog-55: My Fitness Journey- Back in the Gym

Blog Writer
Blog Writer

My Fitness Journey- Back in the Gym and Geared Up for Hypertrophy!

Hey everyone,

I'm back! After a week of adjusting to some routine changes, I'm excited to be back in the city and share some fantastic news. I've officially joined Cultfit, a well-respected gym known for its focus on overall fitness development – perfect for a fitness enthusiast like myself!

This past week has been a whirlwind of getting back into my fitness groove. My interview went smoothly the day before yesterday, followed by onboarding yesterday. Today marked my first official day at Cultfit, and it was filled with induction activities and other programs.

Despite the busy day, I knew the importance of sticking to my fitness journey. After today's class, I squeezed in an evening workout focusing on back and biceps. While I was understandably a bit tired at the end, the pre-workout meal I had definitely helped fuel my session. I managed to complete 3 bicep exercises and 4 back exercises with proper form, even though I was feeling a bit drained.

Hypertrophy Training: Building Muscle Mass

This workout specifically targeted hypertrophy, which is a fancy term for muscle growth. To achieve this, I focused on sets with a maximum of 8 repetitions each. This rep range is ideal for stimulating muscle growth.

Fueling My Fitness Journey

To support my busy schedule and intense workouts, I'm prioritizing good nutrition. These days, my diet includes a healthy balance of lean protein and complex carbohydrates. Carbs provide the energy I need to power through my day's activities, while protein helps with muscle repair and growth.

Looking Ahead: Shoulders and Triceps

Tomorrow, I'll be back at the gym for a session focused on shoulders and triceps. I'm excited to explore the different exercises Cultfit offers and learn proper form from the trainers.

Sharing My Fitness Journey with You

Starting today, I plan to share daily updates about my gym classes and workout routines. I hope this will not only keep me accountable but also inspire others on their fitness journeys. Whether you're a seasoned gym-goer or just starting out, I believe there's always something valuable to learn from each other's experiences.

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