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Blog-49: My Fitness Journey- Lower Fat, Back & Bicep Blast

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Blog Writer

My Fitness Journey---

Progress Update: Lower Fat, Back & Bicep Blast

Hey everyone!

Welcome back to my fitness journey blog. Today, I'm excited to share a progress update and dive into my back and bicep workout routine.

Body Composition Triumph:

First things first, let's talk about my Body Mass Index (BMI) update. You might recall from a previous post that my body fat percentage was 15%. Well, I'm thrilled to announce it's now down to 13.2%! This decrease is a fantastic result of my commitment to natural body transformation. My goal is to reach 10% body fat, and with this progress, it feels closer than ever.

Here's the even more inspiring part: I've achieved this progress despite having undergone four abdominal surgeries, which can significantly impact core strength and overall body composition. But that hasn't stopped me from pushing myself naturally!

Back & Bicep Blitz:

Now, let's get into the workout that helped me achieve these results. This session focused on sculpting my back and building strong biceps. Here's a breakdown of the exercises:

Back (5 Exercises):

  • Lat Pulldown (Wide and Close Grip): This versatile exercise targets different areas of your latissimus dorsi muscles (lats), the broad muscles on your back. Using a wide grip emphasizes the outer lats, while a close grip focuses on the inner lats, giving your back a well-rounded, defined look.

  • Seated Cable Row (Neutral Grip): This exercise strengthens your upper back muscles, improving posture and contributing to overall back development. The neutral grip helps maintain proper wrist position and reduces stress on your joints.

  • Shrugs: This exercise isolates your trapezius muscles, which sit on the upper part of your back and contribute to that strong, sculpted upper back look.

  • Cable Pullover: This exercise stretches and strengthens your lats and chest muscles, promoting flexibility and overall back development.

Biceps (3 Exercises):

  • Bicep Hammer Curls: This variation of the bicep curl focuses on the brachioradialis muscle, located on the outside of your forearm, and the biceps brachii, the main muscle in your upper arm.

  • Reverse Curls: This exercise targets the brachioradialis muscle specifically, giving your forearms a more defined appearance.

  • Preacher Curl (Wide Grip): This exercise isolates your biceps brachii by minimizing arm movement and maximizing bicep engagement. The wide grip emphasizes the peak of your biceps.

Pushing Beyond Limits:

To maximize back and bicep engagement, I decided to add pull-ups and chin-ups after completing the planned exercises. These bodyweight exercises are fantastic for building pulling strength and overall back development.

Fueling the Journey:

As with previous workouts, I maintained my consistent meal plan. Remember, consistency is key!  This plan provides the protein and other nutrients my body needs to recover and build muscle effectively.

Looking Forward:

Join me next time as I delve into a workout targeting shoulders and core!

Key Takeaways:

  • Track your progress: Monitoring metrics like BMI and body fat percentage can keep you motivated and show your hard work is paying off.

  • Natural transformation is possible: You can achieve your fitness goals without quick fixes or extreme measures.

  • Focus on different muscle groups: A well-rounded workout routine should target all major muscle groups.

  • Challenge yourself:  Gradually increase the difficulty of your workouts to keep pushing your limits.

  • Listen to your body: Don't push yourself to the point of injury. Prioritize proper form and rest when needed.

Join the Community!

Stay tuned for more updates and follow me on YouTube and Instagram for visual demonstrations and daily fitness inspiration. Let's transform ourselves together!


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