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Blog-46: My Fitness Journey- Strengthening and Sculpting

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My Fitness Journey:---

Strengthening and Sculpting: My Journey Through Shoulder and Leg Workouts

Hey, everyone! Welcome back to my fitness journey. In this blog post, I’m excited to share the details of my recent shoulder and leg workout sessions. Despite a few changes in plans due to overcrowded gym conditions, I managed to have productive sessions focusing on compound and isolation exercises. Let's dive into the specifics of each workout, my nutrition plan, and overall progress.

Shoulder Workout Session:

1.Exercise Selection:

- Barbell Shoulder Press: A fundamental exercise for building shoulder strength and mass.

- Dumbbell Shoulder Press: Adds variety and helps with unilateral strength development.

- Side Raises: Performed with both machine and dumbbells to target the lateral deltoids.

- Rear Deltoid Work: Utilized cable machines and dumbbells to focus on the rear delts.

- Pull-Ups and Chin-Ups: Great for engaging the entire shoulder girdle and providing a strong finisher.

2. Workout Structure:

- Sets and Reps: Chose to perform 5 to 7 sets with progressive overload. Each set comprised of 10+ reps, emphasizing muscle endurance and hypertrophy.

- Strategy: Progressive overload and high reps are effective for fat loss while maintaining muscle mass.

Leg Workout Session:

1. Exercise Selection:

- Sumo Squat: Targets the inner thighs and glutes, providing a strong compound movement.

- Lunges: Excellent for quads, hamstrings, and glutes, and also improves balance.

- Leg Extension: Isolates the quadriceps for focused strength development.

- Reverse Curls: Engages the hamstrings and glutes.

- Calf Raises: Essential for developing the calf muscles.

- Stiff-Leg Deadlift: Focuses on the hamstrings and lower back.

- Front Dumbbell Squats: Targets the quads and engages the core.

2. Workout Structure:

- Sets and Reps: Performed 3 to 5 sets with reps ranging from 8 to 12, ensuring muscle fatigue and growth.

- Strategy: Combining compound and isolation exercises maximizes muscle engagement and caloric burn.

Nutritional Plan:

- Protein Intake: Ensured a daily intake of around 200g of protein through five meals. This included:

- Two servings of whey protein: Convenient and quick source of protein.

- Two servings of eggs: Provides high-quality protein and essential nutrients.

- One serving of mixed pulses with rice and salads: A balanced meal for sustained energy and protein.


- Creatine Addition: Recently added creatine to my supplement regimen to support energy levels during calorie deficit and enhance workout performance.

Cardio Integration:

- Cardio Sessions: Incorporated 45 minutes of cardio on shoulder day due to the change in plans, helping to maintain a high caloric burn.

- Overall Caloric Burn: Managed to burn over 1000 Kcal through combined cardio and weight training sessions, aligning with my fat loss goals.

Progress and Adjustments:

- BMI and Body Fat Percentage: Measured BMI after a month, noting a significant drop in body fat percentage from 22% to 15%. This progress is encouraging and aligns with my fitness goals.

- Workout Adaptations: Due to the crowded gym conditions, I adapted by focusing on shoulder workouts and postponing leg day, ensuring each muscle group gets adequate attention and effort.

Future Plans:

- Next Session: Planned a combined chest and triceps workout for the next session, aiming to continue the trend of effective, high-calorie-burn workouts.

- Routine Optimization: The current strategy of splitting cardio and weight training into separate sessions has proven effective, and I plan to maintain this approach.

Key Takeaways:

1. Adaptability: Staying flexible with workout plans ensures consistent progress despite unforeseen challenges.

2. Balanced Nutrition: A well-structured diet with adequate protein intake supports muscle recovery and growth, crucial for maintaining performance during fat loss.

3. Supplementation: Adding supplements like creatine can provide the extra energy needed for intense workouts, especially during calorie deficits.

4. Consistent Effort: Regular and focused workout sessions, combined with effective nutrition, drive noticeable changes in body composition and overall fitness.


These past two days have been a testament to the importance of adaptability, consistency, and proper nutrition in achieving fitness goals. With each session, I'm making strides towards a healthier, stronger body. I look forward to sharing more updates and insights from my journey. Thank you for joining me, and let's continue to strive for excellence together. See you in the next blog post!


Next Blog Preview:

Stay tuned for updates on my upcoming chest and triceps session, where I’ll share the exercises, strategies, and nutrition tips that help me maximize muscle engagement and progress. Don’t forget to follow my journey on YouTube and Instagram for visual updates and daily inspiration. Until next time, keep pushing towards your fitness goals!


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