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Blog- 44: My Fitness Journey- Maximising Muscle Growth

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Blog Writer

My Fitness Journey:---

Maximising Muscle Growth: A Chest and Triceps Workout

Hey, everyone! Today, I'm excited to share the details of my intense chest and triceps workout session. Let's dive into the highlights of my training, meal plan, and steps towards achieving optimal muscle growth.

Today's Workout: Chest and Triceps Focus

1.Skipping Cardio for Intense Weight Training:

- With a rigorous session planned for chest and triceps, I decided to skip cardio to conserve energy for lifting.

- The focus was on maximising muscle engagement and pushing my limits with compound movements and isolation exercises.

2. Chest Workout:

- Utilising a variety of equipment, including barbells, dumbbells, and machines, I targeted all areas of my chest.

- Compound movements like bench presses on incline, decline, and flat benches were complemented by isolation exercises such as dumbbell flies and cable crossovers.

- The goal was to achieve a deep muscle burn and stimulate muscle growth through progressive overload.

3. Triceps Training:

- Following the chest workout, I transitioned into triceps exercises to ensure a comprehensive upper body session.

- Exercises like dumbbell overhead extensions, skull crushers, pushups, and parallel bar dips were incorporated to target the triceps from various angles.

- Each set was performed with proper form and controlled movements to maximise muscle activation.

4. Caloric Expenditure and Steps Goal:

- While skipping cardio, I focused on reaching my daily steps goal of 8000, maintaining an active lifestyle outside the gym.

- Despite the absence of cardio, the intense weight training session still resulted in a significant calorie burn of approximately 1040 Kcal.

Nutrition Strategy:

1. Optimising Protein Intake:

- With muscle recovery and growth in mind, I aim to consume six balanced meals throughout the day, focusing on meeting my protein requirements.

- Each meal is carefully planned to provide approximately 200+ grams of protein, essential for supporting muscle repair and growth.

Looking Ahead:

1. Back and Biceps Focus in the Next Session:

- In my upcoming workout, I plan to shift the focus to my back and biceps, targeting different muscle groups for balanced development.

- Depending on my energy levels and schedule, I may incorporate cardio to enhance calorie expenditure and cardiovascular health.

Closing Thoughts:

Today's chest and triceps workout was both challenging and rewarding, allowing me to push past my limits and stimulate muscle growth. As I continue on this fitness journey, I remain committed to consistency, proper nutrition, and continuous progression towards my goals.

Stay tuned for more updates on my fitness journey as I strive to achieve new milestones and push the boundaries of my physical potential!


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