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Blog- 27: Unveiling Fitness Journey Based on true event


Blog- 27: Unveiling Fitness Journey Based on true event (On the Move)

"On the Move: Chest and Shoulder Blitz After a Long Journey"

Hey everyone! It's been a whirlwind of a day as I embarked on a journey followed by an invigorating workout session. Let's dive into the details:

Travel Day:

1. Schedule Changes:

- Due to some pending work, my travel plans shifted to last night, resulting in a lengthy journey of over 10 hours.

2. Arrival and Rest:

- Reached my destination in the early morning hours, around 6 am.

- After a much-needed rest, I geared up for my workout session later in the afternoon.

Workout Session: Chest and Shoulder Focus:

Exercise Selection:

- Engaged in a comprehensive chest and shoulder workout, targeting key muscle groups.

- Included exercises such as inclined, declined, and flat bench presses with the barbell, pec dec fly, dumbbell inclined press, side raises, barbell shoulder press, and rear deltoid with reverse pec dec fly.

- Implemented 5 to 7 sets per exercise with a focus on progressive overload to maximize muscle growth and strength.

Nutrition and Meals:

Fueling the Body:

- Started the day with one servings of egg omelette and next in evening, providing a protein-rich start.

- Throughout the day, consumed two servings of whey protein for muscle recovery and one serving of mixed pulses with rice and salads for sustained energy.

Next Steps:

Rest and Recovery:

- Recognizing the importance of rest after a long journey and an intense workout, I plan to take a two to three-day break before tackling my leg session.

- Prioritizing sleep to ensure optimal recovery and energy levels for the upcoming gym sessions.

Looking Ahead:

Back and Biceps Session:

- Tomorrow's agenda is set for a back and biceps workout, where I aim to push my limits and continue making progress.

- Excited to see what the next session has in store and share the journey with all of you in the next blog post.

In conclusion, today's workout session served as a testament to the importance of adaptability and dedication in maintaining a consistent fitness routine, even amidst changing schedules and travel plans. Stay tuned for more updates and insights as I continue to push towards my fitness goals with passion and perseverance. Until next time, keep striving for greatness!


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