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Blog- 24: Unveiling Fitness Journey Based on true event


Blog- 24: Unveiling Fitness Journey Based on true event (Doubling Up)

"Doubling Up: Chest & Triceps, Back Days Unveiled"

Hello everyone! Today, I'm here to share a double dose of workout goodness, covering both yesterday's chest and triceps session, as well as today's back workout extravaganza. Let's dive right in:

Yesterday's Session: Chest & Triceps

1. Chest Workout:

- Inclined, declined, and flat bench barbell presses, followed by dumbbell flies on a flat bench, aimed at targeting different areas of the chest.

- Implemented three sets of weighted pushups to further engage and challenge the chest muscles.

2. Triceps Focus:

- Concentrated on overhead dumbbell extensions, skull crushers, and reverse extensions to isolate and strengthen the triceps effectively.

Today's Session: Back Day

1. Back Workout:

- Engaged in barbell rowing with supine and pronation grips, focusing on form, tempo, and controlled repetitions rather than solely on weight.

- Incorporated dumbbell rows with both hand grips for maximum back muscle activation and development.

- Completed five sets of heavy barbell shrugs, utilizing the available weight for an intense workout.

- Finished off the session with pull-ups, pushing for three sets to failure to ensure complete muscle fatigue.

Dietary Focus:

- Despite being in my hometown, I strive to maintain consistency in my meals, aiming for five meals a day whenever possible.

- Regularly consuming two servings of whey protein, two servings of paneer, and one serving of mixed pulses to support muscle recovery and growth.

Looking Ahead:

- With tomorrow's session dedicated to shoulders and cardio, I'm gearing up to push my limits and strive for optimal results.

- Stay tuned for the latest updates on my fitness journey as I continue to pursue excellence and push past barriers.

In conclusion, despite the challenges of juggling workouts with other commitments, I remain steadfast in my dedication to fitness. Join me on this journey as we strive for progress and success together. Stay tuned for more updates and insights as we navigate through the ups and downs of the fitness world, determined to emerge stronger and fitter than ever before.


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