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Blog- 20: Unveiling Fitness Journey Based on true event


Blog- 20: Unveiling Fitness Journey Based on true event(A Festive Fitness Journey)

Crushing Triceps and Cardio: A Festive Fitness Journey

Greetings everyone! Today marked an invigorating session as I delved into a rigorous triceps workout coupled with a dynamic cardio session, resulting in a commendable calorie burn of 650Kcal. My triceps routine comprised a series of power-packed exercises, including close grip bench press, rope press down, overhead dumbbell extensions, skull crushers with a dumbbell hammer position, reverse press down, and a challenging finisher with pushups using plate loading.

Focusing on heavy weights and lower rep ranges, with a maximum of 10 reps per set, I aimed to maximize calorie burn and stimulate muscle growth effectively. Transitioning to cardio, I opted for a combination of cycling and treadmill, totaling 30 minutes of intense cardiovascular activity.

In light of the festive season, I've made the switch to a vegetarian diet for the next 8 to 9 days. My meals today consisted of two servings of paneer, two servings of whey protein, and a serving of either soya chunks or mixed pulses, prioritizing pulses over chunks to avoid potential bloating issues.

Looking ahead, I'm gearing up for a back and biceps session tomorrow, eagerly anticipating the opportunity to challenge myself and push past any obstacles that may arise, be it crowded gym conditions or machine availability.

For those eager to witness more of my fitness journey and get real-time updates, I invite you to visit my Instagram page @statushape. Join me as I continue to pursue my fitness goals with determination and passion, inspiring others to embark on their own journey towards health and wellness.

Let's strive for greatness together, one workout at a time. Stay tuned for more updates and insights as we journey towards our fitness aspirations.


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