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Blog- 12: Unveiling Fitness Journey Based on true event


Blog- 12: Unveiling Fitness Journey Based on true event (Progress Updates)

"Embarking on a Fat Loss Journey: Revamped Workouts, Strategic Nutrition, and Progress Updates"

In my previous blog post, I mentioned my transition into a fat loss program, which officially began today. My morning kicked off with a rigorous leg session, followed by an evening cardio session. However, due to scheduling conflicts, I've decided to revamp my workout schedule starting tomorrow. Early mornings will now be dedicated to cardio, while weight training will be slotted for the afternoon, aligning better with my work commitments.

Let's delve into today's meals: I enjoyed two servings of chicken (120g each) with a side of salad, supplemented by two servings of whey protein, an omelette made from eggs, and 30g of oats paired with a tablespoon of peanut butter. I aim to consume a total of 5 to 6 meals a day to meet my protein intake goal of over 150g. This frequency of meals ensures sustained protein consumption throughout the day, crucial for achieving optimal results.

For my morning cardio, I prefer a 30-minute session on an empty stomach, accompanied by black coffee for an energizing boost. As for today's leg session, it began with a 5-minute cycling warm-up, followed by leg extensions and bodyweight squats for 5 sets each. Then, I progressed to barbell squats for another 5 sets, transitioning to Smith sumo squats to cap off the workout. Notably, I omit calves and hamstring exercises during leg day, preferring to target these muscle groups separately for more focused efforts.

Before hitting the gym, I fuel up with oats and peanut butter for sustained energy throughout my intense workout. Post-exercise, I refuel with a protein-rich meal paired with light carbs to replenish my body's energy stores. Throughout the day, I prioritize protein-rich meals, minimizing carb and fat intake, except immediately post-workout.

Tomorrow awaits a challenging chest session, and I'll be sharing the details in my next blog installment. Stay tuned for more updates on my fat loss journey and workout regimen!


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